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- TKM -




Sept 6th – 5 Star Bar, Downtown Los Angeles
Septh 14 РJon Lovitz Comedy Club, Universal City 


‚ÄúThe Kepler Mission are definitely a musician‚Äôs band. With their tight musicianship and compelling material, the Kepler Mission are a band to look out for. And discriminating clubgoers seem to be warming to this act‚Äôs ambitious and experimental sound, one that aims to push the boundaries of modern rock and indie music.‚ÄĚ


For booking and hate-mail:  life@thekeplermission.com   323-905-4TKM


The Kepler Mission is the world’s scariest 2 year-old band. A collective genius of five musicians who play reverb-rock and perform shows around Los Angeles (pending world.)

There are no words to describe the band ‚Äď except ‚Äúreverb-rock.‚ÄĚ The two words apart don’t entirely represent the eargasm that is TKM, but together, joined in hyphenated-glory they become the new completely exclusive genre engendered by TKM. This genre is better than the classical music of the Cretaceous Period (previously thought to be the world’s greatest music era.) It is said that Mozart (of said period) was never satisfied with a single piece he ever wrote; this is because he wasn’t in The Kepler Mission. If played in its entirety, Mozart’s musical catalog would come just one epic outro short of a TKM song.

Who are these paragons of artistry? The Kepler Five are John Kowalsky, Haig Shirinian, Nick Della Cioppa, Kyle Biane, and Toby Mason. In early 2009, they didn’t even know what music was, but their natural ability to harness vibrations sky-rocketed them to the top by mid July. Kyle and Toby met while working as runners ‚Äď meaning they were running things. One awesome day, the two guitar players decided it was necessary to elevate their game. They called upon Kyle’s longtime friends John, with the golden voice, and Nick, with the lowest bass in history, to bring the thunder. Together they began their search for the greatest drummer alive. Drawn in by some cosmic tether of fate, Haig arrived into TKM’s first harmonious jam session like a bolt of lightning straight from the fist of Zeus. The Kepler Mission was born.

The band began their takeover by reworking some classic songs from the previously unreleased John Kowalsky Acoustic Sessions and turning them into ‚Äúreverb-rock‚ÄĚ ensembles. New songwriting quickly followed, and plans for their first EP were forming.
It wasn’t long until they played their first show, killing the entire audience. It was a tragic but necessary event in the band’s development. They took a second to dial back their intense sound to something tolerable to human ears. Then the recording began.

‘EP: 2010′ was the premiere CD release by The Kepler Mission, featuring the first five songs that the band had written. The songs detail the birthing process of a machine, from its quiet assembly to the raucous first ignition. It was recorded in secret and released, to glowing reviews. Even NASA liked it enough to not sue the band for stealing their name (and website.) These songs were cool, but TKM was just warming up.

The band is now gearing up to full lethal swing with spontaneous creativity pouring like sweat, from hands to instruments, at all hours of the day. Their new songs have the courage to lay it down: The reviews are in, and it’s better than Pinback times Radiohead to the NINth degree.
Have you been Kepler Fived?